Modern designer kitchens are the epitome of style and glamour. Our collection is distinctive in its use of refined materials and chic surface finishes. Choose from materials such as melamine, foil, lacquer and glass, and finishes from ultra high gloss to soft matt.

Traditional cottage kitchens remain a timeless constant in the face of ever changing fashions. Here at Dirragh Kitchens we can help you create a kitchen that includes the best of traditional and modern kitchen architecture. Choose from a wide range of colours, front distinctions and carefully crafted accessories.

A modern kitchen combines sleek minimalist style with practicality. Often a modern kitchen will be more spacious than its traditional counterpart due to the incorporatation of clever elements such as bars, islands, larger cabinets and longer countertops.

At Dirragh Kitchens, we specialise in including a variety of materials such as glass, timber and aluminium into one kitchen design.

Dirragh Kitchens uses state of the art processing technology to create cutting edge kitchen designs that are truly one of a kind. With advice from our design team and a splash of creativity, almost any vision for your kitchen can be turned into reality.

The beauty of a cream kitchen is that it will never go out of style. Cream kitchens work beautifully in a neutral hued space, yet perfectly complement bolder colours too. Dirragh Kitchens can help you create the cream kitchen of your dreams in either a traditional, country or modern style.

In a small, narrow kitchen, it is especially important to optimise space and functionality. At Dirragh Kitchens we will work with you to choose the right fixtures, finishes and components so your vision can be realised simply and effectively.

The character of a kitchen is undoubtedly established by its worktops and uprights. Colours, décors, wood reproductions, varying material thicknesses – the possibilities for combinations are practically endless.

We supply Made to Measure worktops.

Whether white or coloured, glossy, matt or textured – we have the Kitchen cabinet design that is just right for you.

Every German Kitchen conforms to:

Certified energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

Certified quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2008

Certified environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001:2009

GS mark (quality seal) for tested safety “Golden M” from the DGM, Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Furniture Quality Assurance Association)

PEFC seal for the use of wood materials from sustainable forestry

Environmental mark “Der Blaue Engel” (the blue angel eco-label)

Storage Solutions

We offer a wide range of sliding doors. Save space easily without the fear of doors protruding into your room.

Our sliding doors offer superb flexibility. We offer a huge variety of possibilities due to a vast array of options for glass type, veneer, height, width and colour.

You can explore different combinations with our designers and experiment with interiors until your wardrobe / storage unit meets your needs and tastes.

Angled doors are a fantastic way to create storage in the more unusual spaces in your home. Alcoves, loft installations or spaces with slanted ceilings will come to life with angled doors.  The doors can be customised with glass, veneers and imagery to suit your individual taste and style, while still retaining all the functionality of traditional sliding doors. A truly unique storage solution!

Folding doors are a clever way to maximise wardrobe space or divide rooms. As suggested, the doors fold away and practically disappear, allowing you full unobstructed access to the contents of your wardrobe. Consult with the team at Dirragh Kitchens to create sleek and chic folding doors for your home.

Pillar systems are an exciting way to add a twist of fun and charisma to your walk in wardrobe. They are comprised of plated aluminium poles with inserts of glass, hanger bars and cupboards. They are fun to design and offer an exciting new way to store everything you need.

Add a little luxury to any room with a cabinet system. Cabinet systems ensure there is a place for everything, from dresses and suits to footwear and accessories. This is achieved using various features such as rails, racks and pop open drawers. All cabinet systems are furnished with wood fixtures and finishes of your choice.

Fitted wardrobes are a time tested classic in storage solutions and provide a traditional yet stylish addition to your home. Operating a standard hinge door system, fitted wardrobes offer superb storage space and can be finished in a wide variety of colours, woods, interiors and features to complement your personal taste and home décor.

All Komandor storage solutions conform to:

ISO certificate 9001